Packing materials and equipment

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Packing materials and equipment

  • Removal box

    SIZE: 520x290 mm | H 330mm.

    reinforced five-layer cardboard to carry books, small appliances, great for transport (can be aligned while stacking) size adapted to carry binders. Can be stacked on one another

  • Cardboard wardrobe

    SIZE: 600 mm x 600 mm | H 1150 mm

    transportation of hanging garments reinforced five-layer cardboard, Kraft protection of clothes against creasing suitable for repeated use fitted with handles fitted with a hanger can serve as a home wardrobe during renovation and relocation

  • Archive box

    SIZE: 415x345 mm | H: 270 mm

    double bottom reinforced five-layer cardboard reusable archive box with lid fitted with handles transport of small appliances can be stacked on one another

  • CORNER cardboard strip

    Corner strips are used to secure the transport packets. Protect corners, blocking the rolls of material on pallets, serve as reinforcement to prevent the goods from fixing on a pallet.

  • Stretch wrap

    Recommended for securing bulky items, furniture, cargo consolidated on pallets. It also protects against dirt.
    Perfect for when you need to connect components of transported items to one another. Due to its properties, the film adheres to another layer of the film - so it is not necessary to use any other adhesive materials - e.g. tape.

  • Bubble wrap 10m

    WIDTH: 100cm

    Bubble wrap is ideally suited for delicate things.

  • Corrugated cardboard 1m

    Cardboard in the form of a roll, 80cm wide, perfect for protecting items before removal, relocation, transport or renovation. Allows protecting items of any size. Along with cardboard corner strips and other components of protective kits, it enables the packaging of virtually any item

  • Company tape

    Wide adhesive tape (5 cm) with a reinforced painted surface, covered with a durable adhesive that leaves no traces. Tears off entirely. The flexible adhesive layer adheres well to cardboard, glass, foil, and other surfaces

  • Tape dispenser

    Robust and ergonomic, it works in most conditions. Its use guarantees even and fast tape dispensing from the roll - does not stick. In addition, the tape is ready to use immediately at any time - do not waste time on "looking for the edge".
    Handle made of durable, thick plastic. Tip made of flexible acrylic.

  • Label Description set 10 pcs

    Self-adhesive labels with space for a description.