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Full service removals

Full service removals include:

  • Labeling, protection and packing all your possessions. With a wide range of packaging materials, all items are properly secured and are thus not vulnerable to damage.
  • Loading into the moving van and transport to destination. Unloading the car and bringing inside the new apartment.
  • Unpacking and putting all things in place.

Full service also includes:

  • Disassembly and assembly of furniture, accessories such as curtain rods, lamps, fixtures, appliances.
  • Painting in the old and new apartment.
  • Electric works such as: installation of equipment, lighting etc.
  • Carpentry work such as installation of kitchen cabinets, wardrobes etc.
  • Cleaning of the old and new premises (washing upholstery etc.)
  • Professional disposal of bulky items, equipment and special waste.

All services are carefully planned and coordinated. All the necessary formal issues are carried out in consultation with the client.

Not enough time? No problem, you need not to be in place during your removal. Leave us the keys and we will fulfill all your requirements.

Oksel realizes move in the country, in Europe and worldwide.

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