About Us

About our company

Oksel was established in 1999 in Katowice. From the very beginning to this day, our accumulated experience enables us to provide services at the highest level. Our corporate culture has traditional values, which, in combination with the dynamic development allow serving our customers in an innovative and efficient way. With skilled staff and a wide range of services we are specialists in removals and transport.

The company's philosophy

We believe that progress means future. We have high hopes and plans about the future. Everything new is positive and replaces the old. This conviction is the driving force of our progress and allows planning for the future. Being able to leave the old behind and look to the future with optimism requires the right approach. This particularly applies to moving to a new place. It takes a a competent, well-organized and trustworthy partner. Oksel is a good choice. We arrange and plan changes, so that your undertaking is successful.


The main goal of Oksel is safety. We take utmost care to the ensure safety as well as protect the property entrusted to us. Our 1 000 000 Euro policy makes us a trusted partner for even the most demanding customers.


We follow our customers, we are there for them. From the very beginning of our activity in the moving market, we have become the industry leader. This was possible thanks to our focus on the customer. Our company is committed to customer service at the center of its activities. We know what the customer expects, what they need, and how to serve them. If you also want to commit to our customers then you belong with us.

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